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Fine Art & Giclee prints are a great way of making a single piece of original art (e.g. paintings, watercolours or drawings) available at an affordable price and in a choice of different sizes.

They are very high quality reproductions of original pieces of artwork made using lightfast archival inks and fine art acid free paper.

Giclee prints (pronounced ‘jee-clay — from a French term meaning to spray or squirt) are a special kind of digital print using a professional, large format inkjet printer.

When printed onto an archival quality substrate, these prints can last for many years without deteriorating or fading (exactly how many years depends on the quality of the printer, inks and substrate).

Art for digital prints can be created in several ways:

  • The image may have been designed and created entirely on a computer using an illustration & design software program.
  • Hand drawn sketches or paintings may be scanned into a computer for reproduction.
  • Original, one-off art can be scanned at very high resolution to create a digital file.

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