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Firstly, it must be realised that because of the differences in the nature of monitors and prints there will never be an exact match. When viewing an image on a monitor your eye is seeing transmitted light whereas when viewing a print, the eye is seeing reflected light. Transmitted light from a monitor can produce a much greater range of contrast and colour intensity than images printed on paper, which depend on reflected light.

Another variation is that all devices, including paper types, have a different range of colours that they can reproduce. This range is known as the gamut. Your monitor will probably display a wider range of colours than the printer and paper combination can produce. Some colours will be fine but those that aren’t possible to reproduce are known as “out of gamut”.

So, working with these variables and limitations in mind, we need to try to work in a method that gets your print looking as close to the image that you see on your monitor as possible… which is essentially what Colour Management is.

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