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Wondering how to show off your giclee prints? From competition to art galleries, your art is sure to stand apart from the crowd regarding quality and accurate colour representations.

What is an Art Print?

While it’s easy to call any printed image, an “art print,” the Print Council of America defines the term this way: when an original image (drawn, painted, etc.) is then printed in a limited number by the artist; these limited editions are signed and numbered by the artist. In other words, an art print is a reproduction of an original piece of art.

What is the benefit of offering art prints to your clients? By offering art prints to your clients, you remain in control of all reproductions of your art, meaning your clients will only see your art printed the way you want it to be presented – high quality.

While it is common to see “art prints” in shops, take note that these are not true art prints. Those are typically posters, made of thin, easily damaged paper. When comparing a true art print to a generic poster print, the paper of an art print is typically archival and usually heavier in weight.

How to market an art print? Some artists prefer to sell copies of their original art in limited quantities. If you have a website or studio where buyers can peruse your work, let them know that each print they purchase is authentic, signed and numbered. This adds value to the piece and also increases resale value

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