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Looking for a giclee definition? Wondering what is giclee? And what are giclee art prints? How to pronounce giclee correctly? A concise definition of giclee relates to the meaning of the word, which is French for 'spurt'.

In the giclee printmaking process, a high quality scan of an original artwork is made, or the artwork may be developed digitally. Whichever method is used, the resultant image is then digitally printed on paper or canvas, using special inks which are painted in tiny spurts by a giclee fine art printer using special equipment.

In this discussion of a giclee definition it should be explained that giclee canvas prints or giclees on paper are usually a reproduction of an original artwork but may also be the artwork itself if the artist has developed the work digitally with a giclee 'painted' artwork as his/her intended end result. In that case, as for original prints, there is no original, except a digital one.

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