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We recommend that you treat your Giclée prints the same as any original piece of art so here are a few tips to ensure your prints last for many years to come:

  • Never allow liquids of any kind to come in contact with a print
  • Avoid touching the print surface
  • Only acid-free, archival materials should come in contact with the front/back of the print
  • Never allow prints to rub against one another in transit or storage. Always use archival plastic sleeves or acid-free tissue paper between prints
  • Framing under glass or acrylic provides the greatest protection against fading from UV light and ozone
  • Avoid direct or extremely bright indirect sunlight. Don’t display or store prints outdoors. Don’t display or store prints where they are exposed to chemicals, paints, varnishes or oils containing solvents. Keep your unprotected prints (before framing) away from sources of ozone, such as monitors and TVs, air purifiers or other sources of high voltage electricity
  • Avoid excessive temperature and humidity extremes
  • Avoid pinning/hanging/attaching unprotected (not framed) prints on the wall. Chemicals in wall paint, especially solvents, might damage the print (yellowing)

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