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Late-model, high-resolution printers from Epson, Canon, and HP all use water-based (aqueous) pigment inks that can produce prints that can last for decades when properly protected and displayed under normal indoor lighting conditions. Inkjet printers that use solvent-based inks also produce long-lasting prints, but they can’t match the resolution or color gamuts of the newest aqueous inkjets. (Solvent inks also aren’t as environmentally friendly.)

A qualified digital printmaker will offer a choice of materials with different surface textures, weights, composition and base colors. If the company is experienced in giclée production, the representative or art director will be able to tell you about the advantages and limitations of each material.

If you want canvas prints, ask to touch a sample of art prints they have protected with clearcoat (a clear liquid applied to the canvas to make the print more resistant to abrasion, airborne pollutants and fading). Firms that specialize in commercial digital printing tend to apply thicker coatings. A qualified giclée print provider knows that a properly coated art canvas should never feel like a plastic placemat.

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