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What is a giclee print?




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A process for producing high-quality reproductions of images such as paintings or photographs using an inkjet printer.

[French, a squirt, spurt, from feminine past participle of gicler, to squirt, s…

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Fine Art Giclee Tips from Hahnemühle

Why does the colours on my monitor not look the same as those on the reproduction?

The final reproduction is impacted by several factors, including: type of ink, the printer settings and the basic colour of the paper. In general monitors and printers mix colour in different ways. The …

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Fine Art "Giclee" Prints

Giclée printing is used by many museums and art galleries throughout the world for its unique, painterly qualities. Images take on a watercolour-like look, with the texture of the paper helping to add to the overall pleasure of the photo or artwork. Images take on a more matt appearance, with deep b…

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What is a Fine Art Print ?


A Fine Art Print is a term used to describe an extremely high quality print.


Fine art prints are often printed from digital files using archival quality inks and onto acid free fine art paper.

When looking for a print that will last for decades then alway choose…

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